CAN You Believe It!? MoonJuice Prototypes are Here.

2 min readApr 30, 2021


Are You Serious!?!

We over here at MoonJuice know that tastebuds are NOT exclusive to the crypto community, BUT we also know it’s our (moon) mission to connect with a wide range of astronauts to the cryptosphere and to the world of one-of-a-kind energy drinks. So to that we say…..

WE HEAR YOU! We feel you! We understand the world of crypto where empty promises come more often than rent payments and rug pulls happen more often than you vacuum your welcome mat at home. And that’s all to say…..the proof is in the pudding. Or should we say…the proof is in the FRIDGE!


BTFC….Buy The F@!#ing Can?

C-Joe and the boys are beyond pumped to show you that the most recent prototypes of the MoonJuice can are in and are looking bullish as hell. These cans are proof-of-concept but are still cool to the touch and deliciously caffeinated. Perfect for a day at the office or a day viewing the charts….

A descending triangle of flavor into my MOUTH.

But that ain’t all! We are currently working on and perfecting our artwork to get the cans exactly how we want it with all the colors, texture, and SURPRISES exactly in place before we start mass producing these bad boys. Our drinks will be perfect for any occasion, bull markets, bear markets, or even just heading to the market to pick up the bananas that your girlfriend told you NOT to forget!

While we are over the MOON excited about what we have, we are continuing to work to get it JUST right before we start sending it to the masses. We want to make sure it’s up to our standard as well as our communities before we spill the (nf)T to the masses.

We hope you enjoyed the sneak-peak! More good news is coming soon! Until then….crack open a cold one…..


and we’ll see you on the moon!

-Team $MOJO




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