MOJO Begins V2 Liquidity Swap

Our Moon Mission Will Resume After A Brief Word From Our Sponsors….

Moon Mission Initiate!

Bros! We cannot be stopped! It’s a fact! Now we aren’t philosophers, but we’ve heard of the phrase “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” but for us it’s more like, “A journey into the stratosphere begins with a pitstop for fresh pancakes!”

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that this day has come, that MOJO has made the decision that it is necessary to migrate our liquidity to V2 of PancakeSwap. Let’s be real for a second…it sure was rude for PCS to create V2 shortly after we launched and, not only that, but put up warning signs all over the place like using V1 was like sneaking into a bar when you were 17. Not cool, PCS, not cool at all.

The warnings of V1 have clearly made people a bit apprehensive about the MOJO moon mission and we’ve closely followed other tokens who are have taken the migration route before we have and it’s clear they have benefited….A FRICKIN’ TON!

Now…we know it’s not the easiest or the most fun thing to do to swap tokens…and we want to make it as EASY on you as possible, and we’ll get to that in a hot minute…but first let’s talk about a few other MASSIVE changes to MOJO as we fuel up for V2.

Small is Sexy….

We’ve made the decision to cut down our supply big time. 1 Quadrillion tokens just ain’t the rage anymore boys. It just ain’t it. People like to see zeros on the RIGHT side of the number when it comes to price and not a billion zeros on the other side. So, yeah, we doin’ it, we’re cuttin that supply by a ton. We think it’ll do a world of good for all of us….so check out these sexy new V2 Pumpanomics!

Total Supply: 100,000,000 MOJOv2
Liquidity: 100% Locked with the swippy swappy!

Marketing Allocation: 10,000,000 MOJOv2
Exchange Listing Allocation: 15,000,000 MOJOv2
Team Tokens: 5,000,000 MOJOv2

Burn Baby Burn: 6,000,000 MojoV2

What this means is…after the swap you’re going to have way LESS MOJO, but it’s going to pack a MUCH heavier punch! Not only that, but we have a frickin’ amazing new taxing system….check it out….

8% of each transaction goes back into liquidity, keeping us fluid and moving upwards.

4% of each transaction journeys right into our marketing wallet.

And the kicker….

4% of each transaction is distributed to holders in BNB.

Yeah, that’s right, no more sharing MOJO with others….that MOJO is yours and only yours, but instead, everyone who trades will be sharing their BNB with you. We likey.


Yeah, we know this all looks sexy and ready to fuel us into the heavens, but we also know we’ve GOT to look out for our people who have been holding strong and continue to do so. So just know all of you holders will continue to do the following:

  • Vote on future flavors
  • Purchase product before the general public
  • Free entry into MOJO Contests
  • Discount codes and merch

…and of course


Now…we’ve mentioned our discounts to holders many, many times, but let’s get a bit more specific shall we…let’s introduce our MOJO HOLDER TIERS. Do be mindful these exact amounts MAY change due to swap, but will be updated on V2 Launch!

Legendary Chads- 800,000 MOJOV2 +

-50% Discounts and Early Access to Merch

- Exclusive Invites to MOJO Events

- LEGENDARY random giveaways!

- Special Voting Rights

Alpha Chads- 400,000–799,999 MOJOV2
-Up to 35% Drinks and Merch


CHAD- 100,000–399,999 MOJOV2

-Up to 20% Drinks and Merch


Sound Good? Ready to come with us to the heavens? Well then….now it’s time to….


Now, joking aside….read this carefully. It’s SUPER important you follow these steps and swap your MOJOV1 over. You can’t just hang onto it. You’ve gotta do the deed and get stuff over otherwise you’re going to lose out on a lot of funds.

FIRST AND FOREMOST, YOU HAVE 7 DAYS TO COMPLETE THIS SWAP. SWAP NOW. SWAP NOW. SWAP NOW. DO NOT MISS OUT. PERIOD. The exact date and time of the swap ending will be announced ASAP, but we implore you, SWAP NOW. DO NOT WAIT.

To swap, head to this link: Here it will show you your MOJO held and you will have to click the ‘Approve’ button and then select your MOJO and swap. At that point, you’re all set and ready to go. IT’S THAT SIMPLE…UNLESS you use Trust Wallet. If that’s the case please follow these steps for the workaround…

Connecting TrustWallet to SafePal

1. Download SafePal App

2. Go to TrustWallet > Settings > Wallets

3. Click the “i” icon on Main Wallet

4. Click on “Show Recovery Phrase”

5. Copy Recovery Phrase

6. Go to SafePal App

7. Click on Software Wallet > Import Wallet > Import via Mnemonic Phrase

8. Paste Recovery Phrase and Import Wallet ✅

How to MOJO V2 Swap:

1. Open SafePal App

2. Go to Dapps Icon (Middle)

3. Make sure Browser Icon is on BSC (not ETH)

4. Paste into browser:

5. Click Go

6. Click Connect Wallet

7. Click Approve

8. Click Swap and get MOJO V2

9. Once complete make sure to add the new token address to your wallet to see V2: 0xf40bc3c21d3774DAec882C861144Bd9DAD6690e6 (THIS ADDRESS IS NOW WRONG)

So, my guys, that’s that…sounds simple…but before you leave, make sure you check out some FAQ’s about this. And hey….as always, we’ll see you on the FRICKIN’ MOON!


If crazy gas fee (0.4bnb) REJECT! Make sure you click APPROVE first, then send transaction with wallet, then SWAP, and send transaction with wallet.

If you see a small MOJO balance and no MOJOV2 balance this is fine. Just a user interface glitch.

Depending on how quickly the majority of holders swap, we are hoping to get the NEW contract live next Friday. Exact date and time TBA. The liquidity added to the new contract will match whatever marketcap MOJO V1 is at shortly before going live.

YES you can still buy more MOJO on V1! We suggest buying any dips you see. You can swap multiple times. Just remember a small gas fee will be needed each time.

You may have a small MOJO v1 amount leftover (dust) in your wallet. This is normal.

If you get a “not enough to pay miners” error YOU NEED A FEW $ WORTH OF BNB FOR GAS FEE!

If you can’t figure it out, ask in chat the community will help as they can. If you still can’t or completely miss the window to swap, team is prepared to set up a manual swap but this will take time and delay you getting the new tokens!

Why V2? Easier to buy (no PCS warnings!), better support, REDUCED supply, fresh listings on cmc/coingecko, easier for marketing (INFLUENCERS SOON!), BNB reflections for holding!

Here is the MOJOV2 contract details to add to your wallet (NOTE: $ value will not show until we get back on cmc/coingecko. Once contract is live, track your value through Poocoin):

contract address: 0xf40bc3c21d3774DAec882C861144Bd9DAD6690e6 (THIS ADDRESS IS NOW WRONG)

name: Mojo V2


decimals 18

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