MoonJuice: The Crypto Powered Energy Drink

3 min readApr 27, 2021

The Juice Is Loose!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last year, surely you’ve heard of cryptocurrency, right? Ya know, the Blockchain? Bitcoin? The freakin’ future, man!

Yeah, that’s right, gone are the days of pulling loose change out of your pocket to try to try to pay for some boring carbonated beverage or a cup of joe, and quickly approaching are the days of sending encrypted coding here there any everywhere to pay for goods and services. This ain’t no passing fad, kiddos! This is the evolution of SOCIETY! And it’s coming quick!

And if you aren’t hip to the the decryption, you can’t see the value of an NFT, and if you’re feeling foolish instead of BOOLISH, then I think we all can agree it’s time you to study up and get ready for a moon mission of your own!

But….that takes energy, ya know? Something more than a regular cup of coffee or a plain soft drink will do for you. And that’s why we bring to you….MOONJUICE!

Made For Your Moon Mission!

MoonJuice Is Here!

MoonJuice is the first energy drink ever made BY a bunch of Chads FOR the entire world! Yeah, that’s right, we are putting on the rocket boosters and headed into outer space with our one-of-kind insane energy blend that will have you primed to do some late night swing trading or snipe a listing or two!

Currently being developed by a group of successful e-commerce bros, MoonJuice is set for launch to be available for purchase by the end of Q2 2021. That ain’t long, bros! That’s, like, within 60 days! But, that isn’t all! MoonJuice’s mission will be to connect energy drink aficionados with the crypto world to help bridge the gap between noobs and Chads. Through extensive marketing, killer NFT drops, and some *chefs kiss* insane flavors, MoonJuice will offer a gateway from high energy liquid to highly funded liquidity pools.


$MOJO was a stealth launched, with a private liquidity raise. 10% of the max supply of $MOJO was locked up in a vested contract, reserved for marketing allocation. An additional 4% was locked in this same contract, it is being saved for future milestone burns.

The burn schedule is every 500 holders, until 4,000 total holders, burning 2% of the max supply each milestone.

This equates to roughly 20% of the max supply burned forever. In addition to a large percentage of the supply being burned, the entire intial liquidity raise was burned as well. With over 80% of the current liquidity completely inaccessible, this makes $MOJO impossible to ‘rug-pull’

15% of the max supply has been reserved for various business & legal expenses, and 35% of the supply was made available for the public sale on launch.

We’ve got a lot coming soon, but in the meantime, check us out at and get ready to enjoy the ride!

-Team MoonJuice