MoonJuice Headed to 100x. Seriously!

2 min readMay 16, 2021


See What We Did There?

100x Is Better Than 1!

You ever get yourself into a situation where you thought to yourself, “Damn, I really need a friend right now?” Hey, we get it. Having a bro by your side to help you through the good and bad times, someone to party with or someone to talk you off a ledge when you’re stressin’ is crazy important. Well, lucky for us Chads over at MoonJuice, we didn’t find just ONE friend….we found, 100x!

A Match Made in Delicious Heaven.

MoJo Teams with 100x

The MoJo team is psyched to announce a partnership with the one and only 100x Coin. We are two groups who believe in each other so much that we know it’s only right to join forces to help change the world as we know it!

This strategic partnership is something that is meant to help us all strap on our very own rocketships and head to the moon together! It’s multi-layered and got a ton of moving parts, but here’s what we want to let all you MoJo fanatics know….

The Juice is Loose 100x!

MoonJuice and the 100x team are currently collaborating on a special edition, HIGH OCTANE version of MoonJuice that is specifically branded for the boys over at 100x. That’s right…we keepin’ it 100.

The MoJo team will work with the 100x community to create and design a can for this special release and will make sure it’s as sleek as possible for all the land to lay their eyes upon the absolute beast that is MoonJuice and 100x High Octane!

But That Ain’t All…

We’re also working with the 100x team on special edition NFTs that can be won on our freakin’ cans! Yeah, you heard us….scan a code on our can and get a chance to win LIMITED EDITION NFTs. So delicious we can’t even handle it.

Along with this, the teams have also gotten together to start planning some MoonJuice/100x sponsored events in the near future and are also going to be hosting join AMAs for both communities near the launch of the 100x edition of MoonJuice.

You feelin’ out of breath? It’s because the oxygen is running out up here in space! You excited? We excited!

But Just Remember….

We’re just getting started.

The. Juice. Is. Loose.

-Team MoJo