MoonJuice Introduces New Team Member

2 min readApr 28, 2021


MoonJuice Gets Its Knight

Cryptocurrencies as a whole, much like life, always deal with who you know and the connections you place on your way to success. Think about it, bros. If you yell into the abyss, can anyone really hear you? It’s like sending your voice straight to a burn address. It’s like buying the top right before the bear market hits or drinking an overpriced, underwhelming energy drink to get you through the day. It won’t freakin’ work!

So the Chad’s over at MoonJuice continue to make move after move as the ready themselves for blastoff. Seriously, have you seen the chart lately (more on that later!)!?! The latest move….well it’s a big one!

MoonJuice is pumped to welcome Arturo Knight to the MoonJuice family!

Arturo, seen above, looking wistfully into the skies, admiring the MoonJuice moon mission.

Arturo is a rising star in the e-commerce world, running his own stores The Knight Collection and Naturally Bee successfully for years. Not only that, but Arturo works as a business coach for many young entrepreneur looking to follow in his Chadly footsteps and, probably the most vital in the current crypto space, is an insanely successful social media influencer. Our man is rocking out with over 100k TikTok followers and is just getting started! The truth of it all? When Arturo Knight speaks, people listen! And now? Arturo is talking all about MoonJuice!

So, yeah, Arturo is a businessman, an influencer, and a real master of marketing and partnerships…but you know what’s even more badass? The dude’s a musician, founding the heavy metal band JessiKill. So awesome.

We are insanely stoked to have Arturo on board, and he and the rest of the MoonJuice team know the real fun hasn’t even started yet!

Swing by our Telegram ( to say hi to Arturo and the rest of the guys or feel free to check him out at on his TikTok or YouTube page. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did!

Once again, welcome aboard Arturo, we can’t wait to check out the moon with you!

-Team MoonJuice

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