Oh, Hello Patrick.

Here’s A Little Story…

2 min readMay 17, 2021

So…here we were, minding out own business, taking a break from chugging our nectar of the astronauts when we decided to stroll by Ken The Crypto’s YouTube Page when we stumbled upon something interesting…..

Noting to see here….

Ken was chatting it up, talking about the glory that is MoonJuice when all of a sudden we saw this…..

Who is THIS freakin’ Chad!?!? Could it be!?!?

Ken started talking with our team member Patrick about MoonJuice and the partnership with 100x.






Yeah, That’s Right!

Yeah, a surprise to the lot of us, our Alpha Chad Patrick went all crazy and doxxed himself to the entire crypto world. Did we expect it? Hell no. Are we pumped he did it? Hell Yes!

Meet Patrick- MoonJuice Alpha Chad

Patrick- The Man With A Plan!

Patrick has 5+ years in the e-commerce industry and has been following crypto trends closely since 2017. Pat has worked for major e-commerce companies such as eBay and Route and is the currently the CEO of a SAAS startup in the e-commerce space. While at eBay, Patrick was recruiting top electronics brands to work with eBay, such as Razor. Patrick also developed and lead an initiative at eBay that generated 50M+ in GMV.

…..50 Million. Ya know, no big deal. Yo Patty, can we borrow some bitcoin?

Patrick is extremely strategic and excels bringing out of the box ideas to life. Patrick will continue to be the Alpha Chad and will lead MoonJuice into the future with overall strategy and strategic partnerships.

Not only that, but Patrick is a huge fan of energy drinks (obviously), really digs extreme sports of all kinds, and enjoys long walks on the beach with a cool can of MoonJuice in his hand.

When asked for comment, Patrick only had one thing to say….

“The. Juice. Is. Loose.”

We’re headed the moon, you with us or nah?

-Team MoJo