What Happened To MOJO V2?

Now I know what you’re thinking… DID MOJO RUGPULL? The answer is NO, the MOJO team did not rugpull! After a week of not being able to get BSCscan to verify the contract, the team decided it was time to take action and push an update that would fix the issue. The only problem, to do so required the team to deploy a whole new contract and move liquidity form the old contract to the new contract — enter the chart below…

The Night Before (9/15/21)

The team worked with the new developer on a solution that would fix the verification issue and would enable appropriate BNB rewards to be sent to holders.

To fully complete the swap, there needed to be three parties present, The dev that completed the V2 swap, the new dev, and the MOJO team. Due to scheduling conflicts, all parties were not able to meet on the 15th resulting in only steps 1 and 2 getting checked off.

1) Deploy new contract

2) verify CA for all 3 contracts (Main Contract, Dividend Tracker, IterableMapping)

The Morning Of The Migration (9/16/21)

On the morning of the 16th, the team updated The Planning Chat with details about the migration so that the team would be up to date with what was in store for the day. The checklist put out by the team went as follows…

3) Get liquidity lock to new deployer wallet.

4) Set taxes to 100% for old V2 so people cannot buy and sell. We can undo this after migration.

5) Unpair liquidity for original v2 contract. (Just make sure people don’t buy/sell or they’ll get screwed)

6) Run airdrop for all current holders (will take about 1–2 minutes)

7) Send all remaining tokens to new deployer

8) Sell all current Mojo V2 tokens in possession to drain more liquidity for relaunch.

9) Add liquidity on Pancakeswap.

10) Enable trading on the contract


When it was time for the swap to begin, the chat mods muted chat and made a post outlining what was about to take place…


Trading was paused and all four addresses were whitelisted

Whitelisted addresses

Marketing: 0x3ADB7D6BbF8459766dc568a4C871726a79e4e02d

Team/dev: 0xFEfecfB0e1404A74b62Fc4Ee38bD86c8Bd9215C4

Exchange: 0x215f6dBDE619E5B765403dCB00B4abA056F7d919

Deployer: 0x2c4b5042595960b3833D45D8413b0a77adB21106

We’re on step 5 at moment. So expect the chart to look similar to the first liquidity move here soon.

The team then unlocked liquidity from team finance and went to Pancakeswap to unpair the liquidity. Once in Pancakeswap, the team realized that since trading was paused, they we’re not able to unpair the liquidity. To solve the problem, the team whitelisted the Pancakeswap router which then allowed for the team to unpair the liquidity.

Pancakeswap Router: 0xd6e09b2ee8b42c45392e2ce0f4629daf28c32980

Liquidity Removed

As soon as liquidity was removed, the following message was sent to the main chat by Chad…

liquidity has been removed https://bscscan.com/tx/0x4f2264b7a748a9db38d5f789934067fb12ceadc0f51ff3a9992bca0bde569ce4

Immediately after, the team used the unpaired MOJOV2 in the Deployer wallet and the MOJOV2 in the Team, Marketing, and Exchange wallets to sell for the remaining BNB in liquidity…

Marketing Wallet: https://bscscan.com/tx/0x3fb582a554283ad21c246fb6881bdba978be14492ed138e350ad5c373fc0e162

Exchange Wallet: https://bscscan.com/tx/0x031cc6c44df961eafd2c34f59dde2f3c12bc4e5436cffb53442a9a12705ae1c1

Team Wallet: https://bscscan.com/tx/0xa0d1dbd7eb373e0b24ef87877676d7ec6620c2b79dcf4561a3768862e9baebeb

Deployer Wallet: https://bscscan.com/tx/0x5953bf783283c1efc2ebc9279736a2bda354bb489fa0207ef1db7c8f0d81949c

Only 1.5BNB left in liquidity. We cleared out almost all of it!

Creating The Liquidity Pair

It was then time to take the removed liquidity and create a trading pair on Pancakeswap with the new MOJOV2 Contract.

The pair was created and the link was sent to the chat…

Once created, Chad enabled trading in BSCScan.

Liquidity Lock

Immediately after trading was enabled, Chad locked 100% of liquidity in Team.finance. Then sent out a message to chat notifiying them that liquidity was locked and sharing the link.

Unmuting Chat

Chat was then unmuted and trading resumed as normal

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